Local nutritionist tempts curious foodies about plant-based diets in time for National Vegetarian Week

A Cumbrian nutritional therapist and yoga teacher is launching a plant-based programme to assist curious foodies in time for this year’s National Vegetarian Week.

Sarah Kekus, of the Health Architect, is launching a 21-day Plant-Power Challenge at the beginning of May, perfectly timed for National Vegetarian Week which promotes inspirational vegetarian food and the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle and runs between the 15th and the 21st of May.

Plant-based diets are regularly hailed as a cure-all solution to many chronic health issues, including, raised cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure with additional promises of weight loss, increased energy and improved skin. However, obtaining enough protein and sufficient essential nutrients, particularly iron, can sometimes be a challenge.

Suitable for those who want to eat solely plants or just introduce more of them to their diet, Sarah’s Plant-Power Challenge will support participants with nutritional knowledge and culinary inspiration.

Participants will receive delicious and nutritionally balanced recipes, as well as advice on food preparation, nutrient requirements, sourcing ingredients and stockist information. The programme will comprise of an initial consultation followed by meal plans with support from Sarah throughout.

The Health Architect, Sarah Kekus, said:
“I embarked on my plant-based journey aged just 11 and have experienced first-hand some of the pitfalls of excluding animal protein.  Staying healthy on a diet of mainly plants requires diligence, persistence and attention to nutritional detail. On my Plant-Power Challenge I’ll be sharing what I’ve learnt the hard way so that others don’t have to!”

Sarah’s 21 day Plant-Power Challenge commences on Monday the 8th May and costs £75.00 per person.

To find out more please visit www.thehealtharchitect.co.uk or call 07712 531365.