Appleby Bowling Club Prize Lunch 2011

Members of Appleby Bowling Club came together for the annual lunch and prize giving at their club house in the town.

The prizes were for this year’s outdoor season.

Gents Championship winner wad PA Metcalfe and runner up K Dewis.

The Ladies Championship was won by LM Ronan and runner up C Farrall.

In the under 19 Champion section there were no contesters, but the Birtwistle Cup was won by P Cottrell and runner up PA Metcalfe. The Jubilee Cup was won by PA Metcalfe with runner up L Metcalfe.

The Jack Douthwaite Pairs was won by P Dewis and B Wharton and runners up were CE Furness and A Stephenson.

The Veterans Cup was won by M Phillips and runner up R Sowerby and the Austin Wren Singles was won by K Dewis and runner up C Farrall.

The G Alderson Memorial Triples ent to A Campbell, P Dewis and DM Sampson with runners up I Johnston, S Parkin and RW Dent.

The Jack High Monday League was won by I Johnston, L Thwaytes, S Corn, A Robertson and M Sisson with runners up R Parkin, A Campbell, K Dewis, P Cottrell and RW Debt.
The Outdoor One Day Comeptitions were won by:
Thompson Pairs – D Gill and M Phillips
Bert Moore Fours – A Campbell, M Davis, P Cottrell and M Sisson
R Wilkinson Pairs – CE Furness and DM Sampson
Austin Wren Pairs – C Dow and M Phillips
G Metcalfe Memorial Cup – CL Sowerby
Birkbeck Trophy – C Dow
Bongate Cup – D Heath, CE Furness, M Sisson
Marjorie Middlewick Memorial Cup – A Campbell
Elsie Sisson trophy – M Phillips PA Metcalfe
Wilson Forrester Trophy – M Davis, L Thwaytes, M Sisson, B Dixon.
Outdoor Club Night Mens winner I Johnston, Ladies winner C Dow.

In the Indoor seasons the winner of the championship was GE Dent and runner up J Sellars. The Joe Alderson Trophy was won by PA Metcalfe and runner up M Sisson.

The Jack Robson Pairs was won by C Farrall and GE Dent and the runners up were Johston and D Richardson.

The Syd Richardson Trophy – Christmas Competition was won by L Metchafle.

The British Gypsum League was won by K Dewis, P Dewis, E Thornborrow, DA Cannon, DM Sampson and PM Sampson.

The R and B Sowerby Triples League was won by P Lace, D Turner, T Fulcher, A Jackson and M Sisson.

The Easter Trophy was won by S Corn, N Wood and K Dewis.

The Peal Lace Cup was won by P Cottrell.

Tuesday Indoor Aggregate
Ladies winners 1. L Sowerby 2. L Ronan 3. C Farrall
Men: 1. A Campbell 2. A Jackson 3. P Cottrell

Other Trophies Presented Outdoors 2011:
Eden Valley Over 55s Triples League4 (Div 1) Champions – Appleby Bowling Club
Eden Valley Over 55s Triples League Knock Out Champions – Appleby Bowling Club
Eden Valley League Ladies Champion of Champions – L Metcalfe
Cumbria County Women’s Bowling Association Pairs Champions – L Ronan and L Metcalfe.