Barrow men jailed after vulnerable man was robbed in street

Four Barrow men have been sentenced  for their part in a robbery which resulted in a vulnerable man receiving treatment in hospital.
Three 19 year old friends - Reece Fell of Chichester Place, Barrow; Keiron Flemming of Risedale Road and Jamie Mulholland of Ainslie Street – pleaded guilty to robbery on 21 October 2011.
A fourth man, Terry John Lafferty of Ulverston Road, pleaded not guilty to robbery but pleaded guilty on 11 January 2012 of the theft of £10 from the victim after a trial.

The sentence follows a police investigation after they were called to a backstreet between Hibbert Road and West View Road, Barrow on Friday 15th March 2011, just after 1.30am. Local residents raised the alarm after hearing the attack and officers arrived to find a 27 year old man with facial injuries after being assaulted. He also had his phone and £10 stolen from his person.

At Preston Crown Court Fell, Flemming and Mulholland were sentenced to three years imprisonment. Lafferty was handed a 12 month community order.

DC Cheryl Smith said: “Local residents raised the alarm after a particularly vicious attack occurred against a vulnerable member of our community during the early hours of the morning.

“A group of males set upon the victim and their mindless violence left him with facial injuries that required hospital treatment – and all for a mobile phone and £10 which they used to buy themselves a pizza.

“A police investigation was launched immediately after the incident was reported and after gathering evidence and forensics from the scene, we were able to get justice for the victim by bringing these men before the courts today.

“Everybody has the right to live in our communities without the fear of violence. We are committed to supporting victims of crime and will do everything we can to remove violent offenders from our streets.”