Cumbria police supports National Stalking Awareness day

Today is National Stalking Awareness day and Cumbria Constabulary has joined a number of other forces across the country to highlight the seriousness of stalking. Stalking can be detrimental to the people who are affected and Cumbria Constabulary recognises the impact this behaviour can have on victims. The nature of stalking is ever changing, with development and use of more social networking sites.

Detective Superintendent Paul Smith said: "Despite there being only a small
number of incidents of stalking reported in Cumbria the effect on the victim of this
type of behaviour ensures it is regarded as a priority. The distress and upheaval
to an individual’s life subject to stalking can be catastrophic and should not be

“Recently the very nature of stalking has changed beyond recognition and the day
to day use of the internet and in particular social networking sites allow perpetrators
to readily access personal information much easier. Thankfully as expertise grows
there is more information available to people so as to enable them to better protect
themselves. A publication called 'Digital Stalking: A guide to technology' exists and
provides victims with valuable up to date information and advice around personal

“We fully support National Stalking Day and are working to understand the nature
and extent of stalking in the county in order to be able to deal effectively with
incidents and provide victims with the support and advice they deserve. We would
encourage anyone who believes that are a victim of this type of crime to contact the

The publication ‘'Digital Stalking: A guide to technology', which is produced
by Women Aid who teamed up with national stalking charity Network for
Surviving Stalking, is now available on Cumbria Constabulary website at http://

Anyone who believes they are a victim of stalking should speak to their local police
officer or contact Cumbria Constabulary on 101.

For more information and advice about support, visit