Councillors to get a taste of a day in the life of a police officer

Brampton Councillors have been invited to “ride along” with a police officer for the day to see what they do in their daily duties. During a number of Parish meetings, it had been raised by local Councillors that they do not see the police in their area and questioned what they were doing. In order to  demonstrate this, Inspector Diane Bradbury invited them to come and see first-hand what the police do in their area in one shift.

Inspector Bradbury said: “This is a good opportunity for local Councillors to get to experience what police officers do in their day to day duties and the areas which require patrols.

“Our aim is to show them what is expected of the Local Neighbourhood Policing Team, I am sure they will get a useful and  interesting  insight. I hope that the experience will  help them to understand exactly the challenges of policing in a rural area and how patrols are planned and operated. I hope that the attachment will be something that they can tell their constituents about.  I also hope that the police too can learn from hearing the public perception and take the opportunity to work more collaboratively with the people in our area.” 

Parish Councillor Steve Griffiths, who is taking part, said: “Both Parish Councillors and Police Officers are looking after our communities in different ways. It is important though that we both understand each other’s roles. Seeing at first-hand what challenges the Police service face in this difficult financial period will give Councillors a much better understanding of how we can work together to the benefit of our communities especially in rural areas.”

The “ride alongs” start this week with a number of Parish Councillors taking part throughout the month of May