Main office for Whitehaven registration service

All of the county council's registration services in Whitehaven will now be provided from one office. From 16 October all registration services will be held at the main office at College House on Flatt Walks in Whitehaven.

This means that the services which had been on offer at the other Whitehaven registration office at the West Cumberland Hospital will transfer to the main office.

Having a single registration office based centrally within Whitehaven, which is open Monday to Friday and with two hours free public parking available nearby,
allow the service to offer a more flexibile and accessible service to our clients and save the cost of running two separate units.

For many years Cumbria County Council has rented a small office where births and deaths could be registered. In the past this worked well as it wasn’t uncommon for babies to be registered while the mother was still in hospital.

But increasingly these days mothers leave hospital within 24 hours or less of their babies being born and then return to the hospital to register the birth at a later date and pay to park.

The benefits seen from this arrangement have now passed and there are now very few registration offices in the country which work this way.