Hydrosacks donated to Eden Flood Volunteers to help stop the floods

Eden Flood Volunteers received a much welcomed donation ‘Hydrosacks’ – state of the art flood protection sacks that can be used in place of unwieldy sandbags. Gearing up for any New Year repeat floods, the team at Eden Flood Volunteers has already handed out some of the new sacks to home owners and businesses. Gravitas International Ltd from Altrincham in Cheshire contacted the Eden Flood Volunteers via their Face Book page and offered to deliver two boxes of Hydrosacks which provides the equivalent protection as 600 sand bags. Gravitas also donated four boxes of water absorbent mats which will help absorb water coming up through the floor.

Daniel Rosenberg Operations Director for Gravitas International said “Sandbags have always been difficult to store, are very heavy and are not good to dispose of.  In contrast the Hydrosacks are only 10% of the weight and are easy to store until needed. With so many repeat floods in Cumbria we wanted to give people chance to protect their homes and have liaised with Kerryanne Wilde to make sure they get distributed around the Eden area.”
Within two hours of the sacks arriving, some businesses from Glenridding and homeowners from Shap had already called in to collect supplies.  Kerryanne Wilde, the Eden Flood Volunteers Co-ordinator said “Businesses in particular have been desperate for a product like this. Unlike home owners, most businesses have to provide their own sandbags (is this true?). The packs are very lightweight and can easily be filled when needed; they are also harmless to the environment when emptied. In places like Appleby,

Eamont Bridge and Glenridding they will be very useful.”
Calling in for the first bags to arrive were Heather and Francis Wright from Shap. They were collecting bags for a neighbour, who had also been flooded. They said “We are very grateful for everything that has been donated. Through Eden Flood Volunteers, we’ve have been able to access food and cleaning products, always met with friendly faces and they’ve always been open when we need them. This latest donation is very welcome, we think the Hydrosacks are a great idea, sandbags are so heavy and make such a mess.” The community and the Eden Flood Volunteer team have their fingers are crossed that the Hydrosacks are not needed for quite some time.
The Eden Flood Volunteer team are currently preparing to move to larger premises at the former Civil Engineering Lab at Skirsgill Highways Depot, Penrith. The new warehouse and office facilities will not be open until 12th January, but anyone wanting help or to find out more can contact the Flood Team on 01768 593 190 or via Face Book  www.facebook.com/groups/EdenFloodVolunteersCumbria