Workington man jailed for four years for GBH

A 51-year-old man from Workington  has been jailed for four years by a judge at Carlisle Crown Court  after admitting causing grievious bodily harm to another man.

He is Steven Bigrigg,  from Peter Street, Workington

On October 15 last year, there was a verbal disagreement between Bigrigg and  Robert Wilson, aged 44,  from Workington, outside of Sadie's Takeaway on Jane Street, Workington. The victim suffered serious injuries, including a fracture to his eye socket, cheek bone and a broken jaw

Detective Sergeant George Atkinson said: "The sentence issued today is justified given the violent nature of the attack. The victim had been out to watch a football match and was subject to a vicious assault. The investigation team were greatly impressed with the character Mr Wilson has shown in dealing with this traumatic incident, which has had a great impact on his life."

Detective Chief Inspector Capstick said: “Thankfully incidents of this nature are rare in West Cumbria  and in the majority of cases, offenders are arrested and brought to justice. This is often with the help from members of public who provide vital evidence as they did in this case. We were heartened by the tremendous community spirit and co-operation from the members of the public who were willing to assist in the investigation leading to an early resolution of the criminal case, bringing some justice to Mr Wilson."